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Come see Costa Rica as you always imagined; wild, beautiful and unexplored. Be one of the lucky few to scuba dive in the species rich waters off Caño Island or explore one of the last remaining virgin lowland tropical rainforest of Corcovado National Park.

Diving is a main attraction in the Corcovado area  Rooms at the Jinetes de Osa Hotel in Corcovado  Restaurant at the Jinetes de Osa Hotel in Costa Rica

Splendidly isolated in the tiny community of Drake Bay, Costa Rica, Hotel Jinetes De Osa is a friendly beachside retreat one hours boat ride down the jungle lined banks of the Sierpe River.

Upon arrival, you can immediately enjoy secluded beaches, deserted waterfalls and a walk among one of the largest nesting populations of Scarlet Macaws in Costa Rica. So leave the hectic pace of the modern world behind and come explore with us at the Jinetes De Osa Resort, Drake Bay, Costa Rica.

It needs to be said first and foremost that a trip to Drake Bay isn't just a journey in miles, but a journey backward in time. Dozens of square miles of lush green tropical rain forest blanket the area. With only about 300 inhabitants, including children, horses and dogs there is plenty of room to stretch your legs. Because the one roads leading into the north of the Osa Peninsula is impassable most of the year, automobiles and trucks are splendidly scarce in Drake Bay. Similarly, there is no bus line or train station. There is only one tiny store (called a "pulperia") that receives its merchandise the same way everyone in Drake Bay receives virtually everything -- by boat.

After arriving you will immediately notice the absence of 24 hour convenience stores, roads and people. However, this physical isolation is what has allowed Drake Bay to remain special. Some liken Drake Bay to what Hawaii must have looked like before hotel chains and strip malls invaded the beaches.

In many ways, life in Drake Bay is how life was lived for most of the "civilized" world in centuries past. The primary mode of transportation is the human foot or horseback. The day to day rhythms of life leave space for conversation with friends, walking on the beach, fishing, horseback riding, or eating a leisurely meal. A visit to Drake Bay is the perfect antidote to the fast paced life of a modern city

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