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Is located in one of the most privileged and beautiful places of the country, kissed by the crystal clear waters of the Costa Rican Caribbean. A lovely lodge of 10 houses build in the most authentic Caribbean style, respecting the environment and integrating perfectly in the idyllic landscape. Peace and nature become one, offering the visitor the experience of truly special and unforgettable days.

Siatami Lodge in the Caribbean of Costa Rica  Rooms at the Siatami Lodge in Cahuita, Costa Rica  Relax at the Siatami Lodge in Costa Rica

Located at the heart of Cahuita's National Park, each house has its own private garden, 1.000 m2 to enjoy and all the necessary services: Bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, 2 double rooms, dinning room and living room. Each house has also its own terrace from which to contemplate untouched nature at its most seductive. The white sand beaches that surround Cahuita are the perfect match for an unforgettable stay. The village of Cahuita, 200 meters away from the resort, has all the services of a small city: restaurants, hospital, supermarkets, cafes, etc.

Siatami is a BriBri indian term, formed by the combination of two words. " Sia " which means sacred, prediction or healing stones, and Tami, which means "owner". Therefore Siatami was within the Bri Bri social structure, the name given to the person in charge of keeping the sacred medical stones, The Bri Bris are a brave ethnical group, who still live in the Talamanca`s Mountain region, where some Families still live scattered close to the rivers. Due to their braveness and courage they became know as " The Hards".

Bri Bri, comes form the word "Darere" , which means hard in the aboriginal Language. Generation through generation, The Bri Bris, have kept their fascinating world through oral tradition. This has been the main resource to transmit their history. Religion, Mythology, history and Medicine, are all as important for the Bri Bri culture, as their social structure, with a clearly defined hierarchy where, the "usekol" or main priest was the mayor authority, followed by the Biliki or mediator between the people and the priest. The Bulu "chief or King", the "Tsokolpas" or singers and others relevant figures in the society have already disappeared. To the present day, both the Siatami and AWA or doctor are still present.

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The Cahuita National Park in Costa Rica


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