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At Luna Lodge a dream came true. Over 75 acres of the lodge's property is primary rainforest. From here you may spot hundreds of rare bird species such as the scarlet macaw, red-legged honeycreeper, and slaty-tailed trogon, exotic creatures, like coatis, tayras, and all four species of monkeys found in Costa Rica. There are waterfalls, one with a refreshing wading pool less than a ten minute walk from the hotel, and a few minutes further down the river valley, higher falls thunder down from over 40 feet.

Luna Lodge in Corcovado, Costa Rica  Rooms at Luna Lodge in the Osa area  Swimming pool at Luna Lodge in Corcovado

Vast gardens surround the Luna Lodge and bungalows, a wonderful blend of natural landscaping and organic agricultural abundance featuring fruit trees with mangos, water apples, papayas, bananas, china fruits, mandarins, oranges, lemons, cacao, avocados, and cashews. You'll smell the aromas of ylang-ylang, frangipani, and night-blooming jasmine and edible herbs and spices, hot and sweet chilies, turmeric, oregano, basil, mustard, ginger, cilantro, and many more.

The centerpiece of Luna Lodge is the massive, traditionally constructed rancho, housing the restaurant, bar, office, kitchen, and a small gift shop with a towering roof of thatched palm fronds. The wooden decks are ideal for morning yoga, nature observation, star gazing, or just enjoying the view into the rainforest.

The Luna Lodge Wellness Center caters to groups and individuals who wish to explore activities such as yoga, tai chi, massage therapy, aromatherapy, or Reiki, spa services, Chinese reflexology, Tibetan massage, deep muscle stimulation, Swedish massage, deep tissue oil massage, shiatsu, acupressure, Breema, Gaia, essences, mud wraps and scrubs, facials, and holistic balance sessions.

The solitude of the rainforest surroundings is also great for language study, creative writing, meditation, guided relaxation, vocalization, and business workshops that need meeting space. The wellness center is located up and away from the bungalows with an awe-inspiring view of the Pacific Ocean, rainforest, and wildlife. The convenient amenities include storage space for guests, two bathrooms, and a shower.

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Restaurant at Luna Lodge in Corcovado, Costa Rica


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