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The Mirador Lodge is an Eco-Tourism Hotel in Monteverde, located in the Private Reserve with the same name and with the best view to the Arenal Volcano and Lagoon. If you love nature und like to conserve it, this is your place. This 350 ha Cloud Forest Nature Reserve, placed on the Continental Division, has three windmills for their power-supply, the richest varieties of Flora and Fauna, and virgin wood-stands. The water is spring water from the nearby mountains around the hotel.

The Mirador Lodge in Monteverde, Costa Rica  Rooms at the Mirador Lodge in Monteverde  The view from the Monteverde Lodge in Costa Rica includes the Arenal Volcano

This 700 acre farm was purchased in 1982 by the Quesada Family. Half of it is cloud forest and entirely within the boundaries of the Arenal / Monteverde protected area. El Gran Mirador, was known for it's panoramic vistas, primary forest, rich farmlands, and dairy-farms that produced quality products. A primitive "trail" to Lago Arenal exists since 100 years and was used by the farmers to bring their goods to market in the towns of Castillo, Rio Chiquito, and Arenal. That same trail exists today, thanks in great part to the efforts by the Quesada family, and is featured as an unforgettable horseback ride between the town of La Fortuna and Monteverde. El Gran Mirador continues to operate as a working farm.

The Stables of the Mirador Lodge have 40 horses, ready for a wild and amazing tour across rivers, virgin jungle with wildlife, and farms, a 2½ ride from the Lodge to the Lake Arenal Lagoon, there you'll be able to rest during a 20 minutes boat ride across the lake to the Dam. There a vehicle will pick you up and take you to La Fortuna. If you come from La Fortuna you can do the same reverse tour to get to the Mirador Lodge In Monteverde. They can even bring your car and luggage to Monteverde during your horseback-ride.

To eat at the Mirador Lodge is an unforgettable experience. Try some of the delicious typical dishes, the specialty here, while enjoying the view of the lake and the eruptions of the Arenal volcano from a save distance. The Bar and Restaurant, have a capacity of 45 people, and offer a large variety of National and International wines and liquors. Here you will get a wholesome breakfast, a delicious lunch, and you can also enjoy a romantic candle light dinner.

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