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Established in 1968 by the pioneers of tourism in the Valley of Turrialba, Aracelly and Marcial Garcia, which with a futuristic vision opened the restaurant and vantage point in a strategically located hill 780 meters above sea level, 100 kilometers from the exotic Caribbean beaches and 70 kilometers from San José, the capital of Costa Rica.

The Turrialtico Hotel in Costa Rica  White Water rafting in Costa Rica  Rooms at the Turrialtico Hotel in Costa Rica 

During its first 20 years we offered restaurant service, being the specialty of the house Costa Rican foods cooked on a wood log stove, which recently was replaced in pro of the conservation of our forests.

From 1990 and due to the tourism that whitewater rafting, beautiful virgin river banks and crystalline waters of the Reventazon and Pacuare rivers attracted to the Turrialba zone, we felt that it was moment to contribute and to grow and decided to offer lodging services to the thousands of tourists that visit Turrialba.

All this years that we offered our services to the national and international tourism makes the difference, that will make you feel right at home, well catered by the Turrialtico owners Lucrecia, Hector and sons.

The staff and management of the Turrialtico Mountain Lodge and Restaurant  wish to extend you our warmest welcome to the beautiful Turrialba Valley from our hilltop oasis with breathtaking views.

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Restaurant at the Turrialtico Hotel in Costa Rica


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