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Spanish in Costa Rica is considered one of the most neutral spoken


Our Spanish School

Awarded for its highly effective Spanish learning program with the International Gold Star for Quality among the Spanish schools of the world.

The School 

A small institute committed to the Spanish as a second language studies. Our groups are small, not more than six students per group, and our teachers are widely experienced professional linguists and philologists. Using a self developed methodology, that is recognized as extremely efficient at helping the students achieve the most in the least period of time, as they enjoy and become acquainted with our pleasant environment.

From the beginning, communication is achieved by stressing oral and written expression, listening comprehension, pronunciation, structure and verb tenses. The fact that our books, written by our director, compile the grammar of the language combined with music, games, conversation and Latin American literature. Before starting the course, each student is carefully evaluated and placed in one of the six levels established. Emphasis in technical vocabulary upon request, for any profession.

The school is located in a residential area, 15 minutes walking distance from downtown San Jos. Restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, drugstores, internet cafes, bookstores, bus stations, a post office, banks and cinemas are all nearby. Buses and taxis are easily found. Maps and materials are provided for the group classes. Orientation in the city, as well as integration to the national culture and customs are part of our program. Aside from an orientation conference, we teach a class on fruit and a Latin dance class, and we give a walking tour of San Jos.

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Classes begin every Monday and there is no minimum length of stay. Students have a choice of morning classes from 8:15 to 12:00 or afternoon lessons from 1:15 to 5:00. Private lessons are also available.


A student applying for academic credit will receive a transcript indicating the number of hours of class attended and a teacher's evaluation. Usually for every 15-20 hours of class time, one semester unit of credit is granted.


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