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Advice from your Costa Rica Vacations Travel Agency


  • National Parks, Monuments and Protected areas are created to protect our natural resources, therefore it is not permitted to extract plants, animals, rocks nor other materials from these places.
  • We must ask to respect and obey all signs. They have a very important purpose, for safety and the conservation of resources.
  • Feeding animals and leaving residues behind can alter their diet and conduct. Avoid this!.
  • The contact with domestic animals puts wildlife at risk. Pets are not permitted to enter.
  • Consumption of food is not permitted; you must use established areas.
  • Always walk only in the pathways and areas destined for the public.
  • Audio equipment distort the natural value of these places, please keep them off.
  • Entry and consumption os alcoholic beverages, drugs or other heavy stimulants is prohibited.


  • Your passport is very important: take good care of it!
    Always carry a copy of your passport. You may keep the original in the safety deposit box in your hotel, along with your extra cash, jewelry and other valuable objects.
  • The original passport will only be needed when doing bank transactions. Use only banks or authorized agencies for currency exchange.
  • Use automatic teller machines located in public and well illuminated places. Most teller machines are not in service late at night. Be careful with any offer of help or strangers when using the machines, withdraw the cash and put it away before going outside.
  • Keep all your goods within your sight and reach, when using public transportation, always keep an eye on them.
  • When using taxi services, verify that they comply with the legal established requirements, such as the yellow triangles printed on the doors, the license plate should start with SJP, HP, LP, GP, CP, AP or PP and a meter (in Spanish: "Mara"). Your hotel can call a taxi for you and recommend reliable companies.
  • If you are lost and in need of checking your map, look for a public and safe place, or ask a police for help.
  • While driving or parking your car, lock the doors and keep the windows closed. Do not leave your personal belongings visible inside the vehicle.
  • If you get a flat tire, if you are suspiciously warned of a damage, if you are suspiciously hit from behind or being followed while driving, do not stop and immediately look for the police or dial 911 when possible.

In case of emergency call 911 from any telephone

In Costa Rica we strive to protect our children and minors.
The sexual exploitation of minors is a crime punished by law.

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