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1. Oropendola Waterfall: A 25 meter high waterfall with emerald-green water. A forest covered canyon surrounds it. It is 3 Km, from the Guachipelin hotel. You can get here either by horseback riding, hiking, or by car and then taking a short walk.

2. Las Chorreras Waterfall: A double waterfall that joins the Blanco River and together they form a natural blue pool. An excellent place to enjoy a dip in the water or just to admire the beauty of the scenery. It is at 1 km. from the Guachipelin hotel.

3. La Victoria Waterfall: It is a place for the adventurous ones. It is accessed through a steep trail. When it reaches the Colorado River, there is a 35 meter high waterfall. The canyon surrounding the area has a different vegetation and depth. It is at 3 km. from the Guachipelin hotel.

4. Seasonal Waterfall, a great waterfall surrounded by forest. The rock formations around it are very special.

5. The Cangreja Waterfall: This is a 40-meter high waterfall which forms a blue pool as it falls.

6. The Escondidas Waterfalls are hidden waterfalls along the trail of the crater top.

The most important attractions at the National Park are Las Pailas, followed by La Cangreja and then the volcano summit. It is the number one place in Guanacaste. Currently, the access road is good for any type of vehicle. It is open year round.

It is important to mention that the area next to the park is under study by the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (Costa Rican Electricity Institute). This is to determine the potential for electric generation with geothermic resources. From any point of view, this kind of energy produces the least impact on the natural surroundings.

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