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Oxcart transportation in Costa Rica, come to Costa Rica and experience it's friendly culture


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7 hours

Long Pants, Hat, Camera, Insect Repellent and Binoculars.


Get ready to experience an new type of horseback ride. The Costa Rican fincas are the perfect places to travel back in time just like the “sabaneros” still do it after years of tradition. Ride over peaceful hills, streams, open fields and tropical dry forest full of birds and mammals. Impressive views wait at the top of the hill, and you'll ride through authentic villages in Guanacaste. At the end of the ride you'll enjoy a delicious authentic Costa Rican snack.

Horseback riding into the sunset in Costa Rica  Beautiful stream in the forest  The green iguana takes some sun

Tropical Dry Forest This forest type typically experiences an annual hard dry season. The average rainfall is sufficient enough to promote growth of trees, but these tree and plant species must be able to withstand periods of low precipitation and moisture. Many of the tree species in dry forest are also deciduous. During the driest months these species will drop their leaves much in the same manner that northern deciduous forest species loose their leaves in the fall and winter.

This dry season leaf-drop reduces the water needs of the plant, as there is no evapotranspiration through the leaves. Much of the dry forests of Mexico and Central America have been converted into cattle ranches and planted in exotic grasses. These introduced plant species provide forage for livestock, but in turn, change the habitat, and displace native forest species. These native plant species are what comprise the forest habitat needed for both the plants and animals that form the dry forest ecosystem.

Includes Air-conditioned transportation, bilingual guide, equipment and lunch.

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