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Camera and Walking Shoes

This Coffee Tour is located about 2 kilometers from downtown Santa Elena de Monteverde, Costa Rica. Situated at about 1300 meters above sea level, Our Coffee plantation is located in the ideal elevation necessary to produce excellent quality coffee.

The planting of coffee trees explained inthe coffee tour in Costa Rica  Oxcarts are the traditional way to transport coffee in Costa Rica  Natural drying of coffee is done in the sun in Costa Rica

Ever wondered where coffee comes from? How’d it get here? How many different coffees are there? Have all your coffee questions answered by our coffee experts here.

During our tour, You have the opportunity to learn about how coffee is grown, processed and produced. We have a series of both modern and traditional tools and machines in which we use to remove the many layers of the coffee fruit (yes the coffee bean comes within a fruit!). through out your tour you’ll have a chance to learn fun facts about coffee including history and distribution as well as visit our germination bed, El recibidor (processing area), drying yards, solar dryers and finally the roaster. Afterwards, you will have a chance to visit our Rainforest Café where you are invited to taste some of our “on the house coffee” as well as some of our specialty coffees.

These prices include:

  • The transportation to and from any hotel in the Monteverde Area (except for lodges in San Gerardo).
  • Guided coffee tour
  • A free sample of freshly roasted coffee.
  • And “all you can drink” on the house coffee at the Rainforest Café

The coffee process is presented in a hands on manner in this coffee tour in Costa Rica

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